Welcome to Iron Creeper
Minecraft server

Incredible gameplay, Daily rewards, Height performance server

SURVIVAL started at 30.01.2018

Support  1.12 – 1.13 game engine version
Shop, Kits, Jobs, Auction House, Trade system, Rank system, PvP, mcMMO, events, quests and more…


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Vote system with incredible rewards

Daily you can vote on each site below. You will receive a vote key for each vote. Use vote key to open Treasure Vote chest and receive Rewards!


Top 3 Monthly Voters

Every month top 3 voters receive:
1st place 250 player points, 2nd place 150 player points
3th place 50 player points

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Latest News

New Forum

If you have problems or questions you can poet it here: https://www.ironcreeper.com/forum/

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Running ver 1.12

The server was successfully updated to version 1.12

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Rewards April 2018

Voting rewards 1. The_Taker – 25$ coupon 2. lammas30 – 25$ coupon 3. Ammar – 25$ coupon Top PVP survival 1. Mimozko26 – 25$ coupon 2. DRAGONFIREBOLT – 25$ coupon[…]

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