Minecraft Server

Rewards April 2018

Voting rewards 1. The_Taker – 25$ coupon 2. lammas30 – 25$ coupon 3. Ammar – 25$ coupon Top PVP survival 1. Mimozko26 – 25$ coupon 2. DRAGONFIREBOLT – 25$ coupon 3. SrtaAlma – 25$ coupon Top PVP factions 1. GAME4PLAY – 25$ coupon 2. ItzLavaCraft – 25$ coupon 3. horunge – 25$ coupon

Rewards Martch 2018

Voting rewards 1. The Tajer – 25$ coupon 2. Merkii – 25$ coupon 3. Ammar – 25$ coupon Top PVP survival 1. Dragonfirebolt – 25$ coupon 2. Merkii – 25$ coupon 3. Hardkoroxd- 25$ coupon Top PVP factions 1. Juancarlos70448 – 25$ coupon 2. SaugPVP- 25$ coupon 3. Asd- 25$ coupon

Global chat

Global chat was added to all servers in our network

Survival PvP Stats

PvP Stats aded to survival server 25$ reward end of the month for top 3 PvP players Survival PvP Stats

Rewards February 2018

Voting Rewards ———————————- 1st place Dragonfirebolt 25$ coupon 2nd place Merkii 25$ coupon 3rd place Puh40 25$ coupon


Join us on discord click to join When you join Survival, Factions or Creative server do the following command: /discord link you will receive in game short number like 55555 Go to our Channel in discord and send that number as message to our iron creeper bot in Discord to prevent someone else using your…
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Faction server

Fresh start, PvP mcMMO, Shop, Spawners, Ratings, Events Read more about rules and available commands ->

King of the Hill “KOTH” event

Survival server. KOTH event where people fight over an area every hour with incredible rewards.

Vote system

Vote system with incredible rewards Daily you can vote on each site below. You will receive vote key for each vote. Use vote key to open Treasure Vote chest and receive Rewards! VOTE NOW! minecraftservers VOTE NOW! minecraftforum VOTE NOW! minecraft-mp VOTE NOW! minecraft-server-list VOTE NOW! topg VOTE NOW! topminecraftservers