Minecraft Server

Iron Creeper Faction server Gameplay:

Don’t trust strangers ! ! ! Administrators or staff will never ask for your password or additional info ! ! !

Officially Opened on 01.31.2018

– King Of The Hill ‘KOTH’ event starts ever 1 hour!
– Dungeons and Spawners, you can use Pickaxe with Silk Touch to obtain a spawner.
– mcMMO skils
– Scamming is allowed it is result of your own stupidity
– PvP is allowed!

Factions Commands:

Fist step is to create an Faction
– /f create #NAME#: Create faction

It is important to transfer money to your faction!
– /f money deposir 10.000: Add founds to your Faction


– /f create #name#: create new faction
– /f name #new name#: set faction name
– /f desc #desc#: change faction description
– /f motd [new=read]: faction motd
– /f sethome [faction=you]: set the faction home
– /f unsethome [faction=you]: unset faction home


– /f inv,invite #player# [yes/no=toggle]: set if player is invited
– /f i,inv,invite a,add #players#: invite player
– /f i,inv,invite r,remove #players/all#: revoke an invite
– /f i,inv,invite l,list [page=1] [faction=you]: list invited players
– /f kick #player#: kick player from faction
– /f title #player# #title#: set player title
– /f rank #player# [action=show] [faction=you]: Assign a rank to faction members.
– /f officer #player#: make player officer
– /f leader #player# [faction=you]: set leader for faction


– /f money: manage faction money
– /f money b,balance [faction=you]: show faction money
– /f money d,deposit #amount# [faction=you]: deposit to faction
– /f money w,withdraw #amount# [faction=you]: withdraw from faction
– /f money ff #amount# #faction# #faction#: transfer faction –# faction
– /f money fp #amount# #faction# #player#: transfer faction –# player
– /f money pf #amount# #player# #faction#: transfer player –# faction


– /f sc,seechunk: see the chunk you stand in
– /f tt,territorytitles [on|off=toggle]: toggle territory titles
– /f claim: claim faction territory
– /f claim o,one [faction=you]: claim a single chunk
– /f claim a,auto [faction=you]: claim as you walk around
– /f claim f,fill [faction=you]: claim by filling
– /f claim s,square [radius=1] [faction=you]: claim by square and radius
– /f claim c,circle [radius=1] [faction=you]: claim by circle and radius
– /f claim all #all|map# #faction# #newfaction#: claim all faction land
– /f unclaim: unclaim faction territory
– /f unclaim o,one: unclaim a single chunk
– /f unclaim a,auto: unclaim as you walk around
– /f unclaim f,fill: unclaim by filling
– /f unclaim s,square [radius=1]: unclaim by square and radius
– /f unclaim c,circle [radius=1]: unclaim by circle and radius
– /f unclaim all #all|map# #faction#: unclaim all faction land
– /f access: manage access
– /f access v,view: view access
– /f access p,player #player# [yes/no=toggle]: grant player access
– /f access f,faction #faction# [yes/no=toggle]: grant faction access
– /f unstuck: teleport to nearest wilderness


– /f ally #faction#: set relation wish to another faction
– /f truce #faction#: set relation wish to another faction
– /f neutral #faction#: set relation wish to another faction
– /f enemy #faction#: set relation wish to another faction
– /f rel,relation l,list [page] [faction=you] [relation=all]: Show all relationships.


– /f perm set [perm=all] [relation=read] [yes/no=read]: change perms
– /f perm show #faction# #perm#: show perms


– /f flag list [page=1]: Show list
– /f flag show [faction=you] [page=1]: Show flags
– /f flag set #flag# #yes/no# [faction=you]: Set flags

Other Commands:

– /vote: Vote system with incredible rewards
– /spawn: Return player to server start point
– /sethome: Set home point at your current location, when you need to go back to that point you can use /home
– /home: Teleport player to home location
– /delhome: Removes home point
– /back: Back player to previous location
– /afk: Player is away from keyboard
– /wild: Teleport player to random location in the world. 4h cooldown, can be used only in world
– /shop: use it to sell or buy items
– /ah: You can place item for sale in auction house
– /trade: you can trade with other players easy way to exchange your items
– /kit You can use it to receive some free items
– – /kit starter: cooldown 1:30h
– – /kit tools: cooldown 10 minutes
– – /vault 1: open virtual chest where you can store your valuable items, can’t be dropped if player dies
– /skin: You can use it to change your skin in game
– /bal: States the current balance of a player
– /baltop: Top ten richest players
– /ignore: Ignore or unignore other players
– /mail: Opportunity to send or receive mail in game
– /me: Describes an action in the context of the player
– /msg: Send message to a player example: /msg Hi how are you?
– /pay: Pay another player from your balance example: /pay 1000
– /suicide: Causes you to perish warning: You will drop all items in your inventory!
– /tpa: Request to teleport to the specified player
– /tpahere: Request that the specified player teleport to you
– /tpaccept: Accepts a teleport request
– /tpadeny: Reject a teleport request
– /warp: List all warps or warp to the specified location example: /warp pvp You will be teleported to PvP arena.