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Minecraft server

Incredible gameplay, Daily rewards, Height performance server

SURVIVAL started at 30.01.2018

Shop, Kits, Jobs, Auction House, Spawners Trade system, Rank system, PvP, mcMMO, events, quests and more…

CREATIVE started at 31.01.2018

Plot square syste 2 free plots for everyone Ranks. Points, competitions, daily rewards and more…

FACTIONS started at 13.11.2018

Shop, Kits,  Auction House, Spawners, Vampires, Trade system, Rank system, PvP, mcMMO, events, quests and more…

started at 20.11.2018

Last Minecraft Build 
New sea Blocks and items
New Biome

SKYBLOCK started at 25.11.2018

Shop, Kits,  Chest Shop, Spawners Trade system, Rank system,  mcMMO,
and more…

EGGWARS started at 01.12.2018

Most popular fun mini game
for minecraft

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Latest News

Xmas and Minions Creative Competition

competition ends at 10.01.2019 1st place 25$ 300 Player point in all servers 2nd place 13$ 250 Player point in all servers 3th place 8$ 100 Player point in all[…]

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EGGWARS server

For more fun we add and eggwars mini game!

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Rewards Noember

Top Voters in November: 1. ViteXniper (20$ Voucher) 2. Szoenzsoen (12$ Voucher) 2. markI_laW (12$ Voucher) 3. KINGManticora (5$ Voucher) TOP PVP survival 1. Szoenzsoen (20$ Voucher) 2. ToastedAnime (12$[…]

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Top 3 Monthly Voters

Every month top 3 voters receive: 1st place 250 player points, 2nd place 150 player points 3th place 50 player points

Last Online Players

Vote system with incredible rewards

Daily you can vote on each site below. You will receive a vote key for each vote. Use vote key to open Treasure Vote chest and receive Rewards!